School Choice - Grades 6-12

There are school choice options for West Bath students as they enter grades 6-12. As part of the withdrawal agreement from RSU1, RSU1 has agreed to act as a school of guaranteed acceptance for grades 6-12 in exchange for a West Bath commitment of at least 75% student enrollment within RSU1. Therefore, in any school year, 25% of West Bath students will be free to choose a different option. Should interest in school choice exceed the 25% threshold, a lottery system will determine school choice participation.

If you would like your child to attend Bath Middle School, he/she will automatically be enrolled upon the completion of 5th grade. If you would like for your child to attend a different 6-12th grade program with tuition support from the West Bath School Administrative Unit, then you must complete an application form, and return it to the West Bath School office no later than February 14th.

Please keep the following in mind as you weigh your school choices:

  • West Bath residency will be determined by the students' primary residence, and must be maintained throughout the program.
  • For tuition assistance, private schools must be designated by the state as "non-sectarian". A list of private schools, and the State's classification may be found online at  The parent or guardian of the student, and not the WBSAU, is solely responsible for ensuring that the school chosen by the student has been approved by the Maine Department of Education to receive public funds for the school year(s) in question. See 20-A M.R.S.A § 2951.
  • Tuition assistance will be set at the tuition cost of attending RSU1. Any extra cost will be borne by the parent. 
  • Obtaining admission to the school of choice (other than Bath Middle and Morse High) is the responsibility of the parent.
  • Transportation to schools other than Bath Middle and Morse High will be the responsibility of the parent.
  • In the event the number of school choice applicants exceed the number of available school choice openings, participation will be determined by lottery. This lottery shall be held on a date between February 14th and March 1st.


If you have additional questions please contact: Superintendent Emily Thompson

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